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Coming back to Steam Workshop

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We’re Coming back to Steam Workshop

Hello Truckers!

Today we’re happy to announce that we will bring our mods back to the Steam Workshop.
As you know, we ended the Steam Workshop support for some of our mods on July 24, 2019 for some reasons. We realized that this was the wrong decision and decided to bring back the workshop support.

We will re-upload all of our mods to the workshop and update them regularly.
But we would like to point out that all mod updates will be released on our website firstly, then will be released on the Steam Workshop with a delay of 1 week. (The delay of 1 week may vary in some cases.)
Those who want to access updates early will be able to download them from our website.

P.S. Realistic Graphics Mod add-ons will not be published on Steam Workshop.



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