Map Mods Support Add-on

for Realistic Graphics Mod

  • Release Date: May 29, 2020
  • Last Updated: December 5, 2020
  • Current Version: 1.1
  • Author: Frkn64
  • Status: Up to date
  • Rating:


This addon makes Realistic Graphics Mod compatible with map mods listed below.

ATS Version

ETS 2 Version

Recommended load order for Mod Manager:
1(top row) – Map Mods Support Add-on for Realistic Graphics Mod
2 – Realistic Graphics Mod
3 – **All files of map mods**
Caution: Realistic Graphics Mod may not work properly if you do not apply this load order.


  • Realistic Graphics Mod
    5.1 - 5.2
  • Euro Truck Simulator 2
    1.38.X - 1.39.X
  • American Truck Simulator
    1.38.X - 1.39.X

* We are not responsible for problems that may occur if the mod is used with unsupported game versions.

Update Notes

ATS version of the addon has been released!
Added support for:
– Promods Canada Map
– Coast to Coast Map
– CanaDream Map

Frequently Asked Questions

No, this type mods are not allowed in the multiplayer mod.



    3 MB     458 downloads     Uploaded on January 10, 2021
    8 MB     1523 downloads     Uploaded on January 10, 2021

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4 months ago

Can you please add support for Mexico Extriemo and Poland Rebuilding.

Lyndon Abul
Lyndon Abul
4 months ago

Can you please add support to Poland Rebuilding for Ets2 and any map by the Mexico Extremo team?

nobi nobita
nobi nobita
5 months ago

not support fsg map

7 months ago

hello frkn thanks for uploading realistic graphic mods and i have some questions about mod sequence at mod manager. first of all, 1. does it work with fael environment mod? and actual day and night mod?
2. what is your recommendation sequence at mod manager? i will right number 1~7
the mod. 1)realistic graphic mod. 2)map mods support addon 3)black sky fix addon
4)darker night addon 5)realistic rain mod
6)fael environment 7)actual day and night
number 6 and 7 ist’n your work so if you don’t know about these, you may not reply when saying mod sequence. but i want to use definetely number 1~5 mods with your work 👍 i’m not sure that you’ll watch my post but i hope you will respond to me and i’m so sorry about my elementry english skills and be careful at covid virus 19😥😥

9 months ago

comment image Have I installed the mod correctly?

10 months ago

I really like this mod with ETS. I would also love to see it in ATS. And if you do decide to do an ATS version, support for Coast to Coast and CanaDream would be very appreciated. I know its a ton of work, but it would be great to see. Thanks for all your hard work with ETS2.