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No Limits Mod v1.3 for Special Transport DLC [ATS]

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With this mod, you can deliver oversized cargoes of Special Transport DLC without speed limits/escort vehicles!

– Option to take oversized cargo jobs with or without special routes.
– No escort/pilot cars.
– No speed limit.
– Oversized cargo jobs now have two options, with special routes and without special routes. (Check preview images for detailed info)
– Steam Achievements support. (Only on special routes)
– Convoy mode support: Oversized cargo jobs without special routes can be taken in the convoy mode.
* In order to get oversized cargo jobs that do not have special routes, you need to advance the time by sleeping several times in the game after installing the mod.
Notice: This mod doesn’t work without Special Transport DLC. You must have installed and activated the DLC.


Frequently Asked Questions

How to install this mod?
  1. Open the downloaded zip file using WinRAR or 7zip etc.
  2. Find “Documents/American Truck Simulator/mod” directory on your computer.
  3. Drag the file with “SCS” extension from the zip file to the mod folder you find.
  4. Enter the American Truck Simulator and activate this mod from the Mod Manager located in Profiles screen.
  5. Exit the mod manager and start the game. Enjoy the mod!

Yes, you can use this mod in Convoy mode.

Download Latest Version

Version: 1.3

January 10, 2021 Filesize: 85 KB Downloads: 70


– Oversized cargo jobs now have two options, with special routes and without special routes.




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