SCANIA Trucks Mod

American Truck Simulator Version

  • Release Date: November 18, 2017
  • Last Updated: January 5, 2021
  • Current Version: 4.3
  • Author: Frkn64
  • Status: Suspended
  • Rating:


Available trucks in the mod: Scania R 2009 – Scania Streamline – Scania R 2016 – Scania S 2016
– All trucks completely converted from ETS 2 without any bugs.
– Supports Advanced Trailer Coupling feature.
– Supports Trailer Cables feature.
– Supports Mod Dealer. (See the screenshots to learn how to buy a Scania using the Mod Dealer.)
– Compatible with VOLVO FH16 Trucks Mod for ATS, they can work together.

This mod was tested many times and no issues found. If you get an error while using this mod, you should know that it is not caused by this mod, but from other mods you use. You can try again by disabling all other mods.



  • American Truck Simulator

* We are not responsible for problems that may occur if the mod is used with unsupported game versions.

Update Notes

Update 4.3 is out. Changelog:
– Fixed incorrect chrome textures on stock ATS rims.
– Fixed confusions with wheel tuning options.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, this type mods are not allowed in the multiplayer mod.



    133 MB     3471 downloads     Uploaded on January 10, 2021

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2 months ago

Hi Frkn64, I’m not a modeler, and I really appreciate the work and effort put on the mods you created, I just wanted to tell you about something I experience using the mods you created for ats,bringing the fabolous trucks from ets2 to ats. I found a light isue, the trucks from ets2 when are used in ats with your mod (it doesn’t matter if are volvo or scania) at night the level of shine in the headlights are too bright, at night from the cabin is like having a complete set of extra lights on the front turned on and on the long lights turned on. it obscure everything else around, you couldn’t see anything, at the beggining I tough it was my computer, but I doble check on the settings and only happen with the trucks from your mod, I use your non-flared vehicle lights 5.0 mod and the realistic vehicle lights mod 7.0 and the problem didn’t get solved. I checked all the settings and even change the reflection blur, but the problem continue. the regular trucks have not that issue, I have an I9 10thgen and a quadro rtx3000, so I don’t think is a hardware problem, maybe you should check the light intensity on the mods (scania and volvo from ets2), specially on the brightness of lights and the foglamps, because it make the european trucks imposible to drive at night in ats, is too intense the light brightness, even changing the monitor and game brightness, from the cabin and outside of the truck the problem continues, and it affected also the brightness of the mirrors, I read about it, and the mirror too bright is probably a different problem with the mirror textures, but with your trucks also the brightness of the mirrors are not right (day or night). and I used your mods before and this did not happen. I’m not trying to sound cooky or demand solutions, I know is difficult and requires time to change and model. and the last 1.40 version of the game have other problems with the lights (problems corrected with your realistic vehicle lights mod 7.0). Just to letting you know.

Luiz Ricardo Barbosa
Luiz Ricardo Barbosa
2 months ago

hello friend, could you make the version of the mercedes benz trucks for the ats?

Martin Franklin
Martin Franklin
3 months ago

I really hope you up the scania’s to 1.40…Love these trucks!!!

4 months ago

Does the mod already exist for the 1.40?

6 months ago

Kardeşim modun çok güzel sorunsuz çalışıyor hem Scania hem de Volvo ikisi de çok güzel bir de Mercedes için yaparmısın böyle çok sevinirim

Frkn64 Modding
6 months ago
Reply to  Tommy

Maalesef yeterli vaktim olmadığı için şimdilik farklı marka çekicileri yapmayı düşünmüyorum dostum. Vaktim olursa düşünürüm 👍

8 months ago

Question. Can I use the same accessory mods I use in ETS2 for these trucks ? Because if there is one thing thats kinda sad in ATS (maybe thats just in general with American Trucks), but there is hardly as much customization options as one can find for trucks in ETS2. Why is that exactly ?

Frkn64 Modding
8 months ago
Reply to  thelonewolfDE

You can try using accessory mods. I think ETS 2’s accessory mods can work with this mod.