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The Next Update of Realistic Graphics Mod

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We’re very excited to announce next update of the Realistic Graphics Mod!

As you know, update 1.40 has arrived for Euro Truck Simulator and American Truck Simulator with a brand new lighting system that significantly improves visual realism. SCS Software has done an excellent job with this update, as always.
But of course the current version of our Realistic Graphics Mod is not compatible with this major update because the lighting and weather algorithms have been completely renewed.

The only way to make the Realistic Graphics Mod compatible with this update is to remake it and we will remake it. Both games already look realistic enough, thanks to the 1.40 update but, we will try to make them even more realistic with minor changes and brand new sky textures.

But unfortunately you will need to wait a while for the update to be released because we need to update our other mods first and only one person (me) will do all of this.

And here are the first photos from the new update!

Notice: These photos were taken in the experimental version of the mod. Some details in the photos may change in future versions.

Soon, we will be sharing more photos from the new update of Realistic Graphics Mod on our social media accounts, so keep following us!



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