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Support for Steam Workshop ended

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This post is no longer valid. Our mods are back in the Steam Workshop. More info

Hello, this is Frkn64. I’ve prepared this article to make an announcement to my followers who download my mods using the Steam Workshop. In this article, I will explain everything in a completely sincere way. 
First of all, my english is not perfect. There may be some typos, I apologize in advance.

I have been working on this site for over a year and as a result of this work, I made the site stable and useful. But I’m still improving it. For example, I will add internal download links soon. Thus, you will be able to download mods directly from this site, without using Sharemods or Modsbase etc.
Anyway, I will make the announcement without further ado.

The announcement

I decided to end Steam Workshop support for some of my mods. 

What does this mean?

I will no longer provide updates or support for some of my mods on Steam Workshop. These mods will continue to be updated, but will only be available on this site. Therefore, you’ll need to download my mods from here.

I know, it is pretty simple to download mods via Steam Workshop, also automatic mod updates feature is very useful. But unfortunately I have no income from my mods in Steam Workshop.

So, you’re making mods for money?

No. If I’d made mods for money, I would sell my mods with money as some modders did, instead of sharing my mods for free. I just want to earn income as a reward for my efforts. There is a donate page on this site, but the number of donations I have received so far does not exceed 10. On platforms like Twitch, people receive hundreds of donations while just playing games. I think it’s my right to earn income for the mods that I work for hours or days.

But I don’t want you to donate to me. To support me, just download my mods from this site, you do not need to do anything else. Thanks to the ads on this site, I earn some money. But the current advertising revenue of the site only covers its own domain and hosting costs.

Why should I use this site?

I know it won’t be as good as the automatic mod updates feature in Steam Workshop, but I have added everything possible that can provide convenience to you.
Some of those are as follows;
– Browser notifications feature. This feature will notify you via your internet browser when I share a new mod or mod update on the site. You can subscribe to browser notifications from the bell icon in the lower left corner.
– Email notifications feature. This feature will send a notification e-mail to your e-mail address when I share a new mod or mod update on the site. You can subscribe to email notifications from the bottom of the site.
You can also follow Frkn64 Modding social media accounts to get latest news.
– Advanced comment system. You can easily comment on the mod pages using your social media accounts or email address. You will be notified via your email address when your comment is replied.
– You will be able to download the mods much more easily when I add the internal download links that I mentioned above.
– I can add a membership or forum system to the site if there is enough demand.

Which mods will lose Steam Workshop support?

For now, only these mods will lose Steam Workshop support. Popular mods such as Realistic Graphics Mod, Realistic Vehicle Lights, Realistic Truck Physics will continue to be supported, but if the site doesn’t reach enough popularity, I may also have to end Steam Workshop support for these mods.
Also, I will publish all the mods I will make in the future on this site, not on Steam Workshop.

Thanks for your time!
I thank you all for taking the time to read the article. I hope you guys will understand me.



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